Friday, June 20, 2014

Treadmills, Bucket List, and Orange Towels

I did it! Day number 2! I've loyally written an entry two days in a row!


I ran yesterday. I stuck to the treadmill because the 100+ degree heat index didn't sound too appealing.
It was a fairly slow 3 miler (time shown includes warm up and cool down). Thursday runs are always rough just because they come after two days of hard running. For those of you who are interested, here is the training schedule I try to follow:

1Stretch & strengthen3 m run5 x 400 5-K pace3 m run + strengthRest3 m run5 m run
2Stretch & strengthen3 m run30 min tempo3 m run + strengthRest3 m pace6 m run
3Stretch & strengthen3.5 m run6 x 400 5-K pace3 m run + strengthRestRest5-K Race
4Stretch & strengthen3.5 m run35 min tempo3 m run + strengthRest3 m run7 m run
5Stretch & strengthen4 m run7 x 400 5-K pace3 m run + strengthRest3 m pace8 m run
6Stretch & strengthen4 m run40 min tempo3 m run + strengthRest or easy runRest10-K Race
7Stretch & strengthen4.5 m run8 x 400 5-K pace3 m run + strengthRest4 m pace9 m run
8Stretch & strengthen4.5 m run40 min tempo3 m run + strengthRest5 m pace10 m run
9Stretch & strengthen5 m run9 x 400 5-K pace3 m run + strengthRest or easy runRest15-K Race
10Stretch & strengthen5 m run45 min tempo3 m run + strengthRest5 m pace11 m run
11Stretch & strengthen5 m run10 x 400 5-K pace3 m run + strengthRest3 m pace12 m run
12Stretch & strengthen4 m run30 min tempo2 m runRestRestHalf Marathon

This is Hal Hidgon's Intermediate Half Marathon program. I am currently in week 7. So as you can see, today is a much needed rest day!

I thought I'd share with you all my "Race Bucket List" and why I want to do each one. It's not very realistic, but I'm not putting pressure on myself to acctually accomplish all of these. They would just be fun to do if I had the opportunity.

  • Rock N Roll Half Marathon-Chicago, IL
    • I loved the RNR Half I did in Nashville and Chicago would be flatter!
  • Rock N Roll Virginia Beach-Virginia Beach, VA
    • I've never been to Virginia Beach, but its close enough to drive and it sounds fun!
  • Rock N Roll Washington DC-Washington DC
    • Already signed up for this, but running past all of the government buildings and monuments just sounds fantastic!
  • Rock N Roll Raleigh-Raleigh, NC
    • I've just heard Raleigh is really cool!
  • Marine Corps Half- Fredricksburg, VA
    • I have family in Fredricksburg so it'd be fun to see them, but this is also just a really big race with a HUGE medal
  • Disney Princess Half Marathon-Orlando, FL
    • Disney princesses. Need I say more?
  • Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon-Orlando, FL
    • Good food. The whole reason I run (if I'm honest)
  • The Hapalua Half-Honolulu, HI
    • One of the biggest halves in the country, and come on, HAWAII!
  • Chicago Half Marathon-Chicago,
    • It'd be fun to do the Chicago marathon, but that's a little to intense for me, so this is the compromise
  • Key West Half Marathon-Key West, FL
    • Again, location, location, location
  • Nike Women’s Half Marathon- San Francisco, CA
    • They give you a Tiffany necklace at the finish line. That's pretty darn sweet
  • One America 500 Mini-Marathon-Indianapolis, IN
    • This one ends on the Indy 500 track. Don't like racing, but it'd still be really cool.
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame Half Marathon-Canton, OH
    • My love of football and my love of running put together
  • Rock N Roll Dublin
    • Would be closely followed by a month long trip to England.
Obviously budget and time are not on my side here! Just thought you'd all be interested.
Random fact of the day:
They changed the old grey towels in the gym for some bright orange ones. I'm really hoping the color doesn't bleed onto my sweaty face!
Any other races I should add to my list? Let me know!


  1. Do people comment on blogs anymore? I'm hoping the towels DO bleed, so that I can call you a Umpa Lumpa.

  2. Well Mom commented on the fb post. And I have no real proof that anyone else is reading it :P Oh well. Umpa Lumpa-ness did not occurr as of yet, but I'll keep you updated.