Monday, January 26, 2015

Marathon Training Wk 5

Well I'm still running over here... (not currently, but you know what I mean)

So here's my week:

Tuesday: 10x1min at 5k pace, Cycle Hip Hop
Wednesday: 4.11 mile run on treadmill and strength session
Thursday: 3 mile run on treadmill, Cycle Hip Hop, strength session
Friday: Strength Session
Saturday: Personal Training
Sunday: 10 mile long run

As you can see, my normal Saturday morning long run didn't happen. I was all ready for it, got everything together, got in my car, went to Dunkin' Donuts for a bagel, got up to the Greenway to run, and realized I didn't have my phone. Note: I had waken up at 5:15 for said run. Second Note: I can't handle more than two miles without music.
So I turned the car around and headed home, very angry. I looked all over the apartment and couldn't find my phone anywhere. At this point, I didn't have time to get a 10 mile run in before personal training, but still couldn't find my phone. So I just took the dog out. Glanced in my car and saw it. My phone was sitting on the driver's seat. I had been sitting on it the whole time! All that to say, I did my long run on Sunday morning instead.
And I got my first double digit run of the year! It pretty much felt good. I'm looking forward to the cutback week this week. Especially because it's my birthday week!

I'm very out of it today. I think it's partly because I woke up early all weekend, but also just lots going on. Hope you are feeling better than I am today!

That picture reminds me of when we first got Wrigley. He ran around like a crazy little thing, then just plopped down and fell asleep. And now I'm happy again because he's adorable :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Marathon Training Week 4

Sorry for the lack of updates on my life, I'm sure you've all been just clicking refresh over and over to see if I posted.

Here's my running from this past week:

Tuesday: 2.09 Miles (10 x 1 min at 5k pace)
Wednesday: 2 Miles
Thursday: 3 Miles (only 20 seconds over goal pace!), Cycle Hip Hop
Saturday: 9 Miles, Personal Training

Total mileage for the week: 16.09

Total mileage for the year: 37.09

Let's just say I was incredibly nervous for the 9 mile run. You see, that's a 2 mile jump from the longest I had previously done. However, I totally rocked it. I was worried that I'd be overly sore and my foot would bother me, but none of those things happened. I felt really good during the run and I was really diligent about stretching a lot afterwards. I think it helped! I'm still behind the pace I want to go, but I'm feeling more comfortable in the pace I'm running, so I can probably start pushing it a little bit more.

Now for a very serious, but kind of stupid question. Do any other runners out there judge people by their shoes? I try to always do "the wave" to other runners, but the very next thing I do is check out their shoes. I also do this to anyone who is wearing running shoes in any circumstances. If someone is wearing Ghosts, we are instantly friends in my mind. Just fyi.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Getting in the Groove and Marathon Training Week 3

This was a "cutback" week for me and boy was it necessary! I know you've been reading this, but I've been dealing with a lot of soreness and plantar fasciitis and just general run-downness. I totally admit to upping my mileage too quickly, but I've been waiting for my body to catch up with me. Good news-I think I'm on the mend!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 mile treadmill run followed by Cycle Hip Hop and strength session

Wednesday: 4 mile treadmill run

Thursday: Skipped my run today to try to give my muscles a break

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5 mile run (at a much more decent pace) followed by personal training.

Sunday: 20 min yoga

I have learned that even though the cold is very unpleasant for my long runs, my average pace went up by :40. I really just wanted to get back in the car and blast the heat, so I ran faster!

I don't think I've ever shared this, but this is my favorite running quote and it keeps me going even when I'm sore and tired and feel like I'm dying.

And here's a picture of my trusty Blue Beauties because I love them and want to give them more press coverage in the blog. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter Running

I want to preface this post by saying that yes, I live in the South. Yes, it is much warmer here than most areas of the country. However, I can appreciate the super cold because I grew up in Chicago. That is why I now live in the South. I made the smart choice :)

I have never really been tough enough to even try running outside during the winter until this year. I have found that I don't totally hate it, but here are several random thoughts about it.

1. I like the fact that I don't overheat. The cold weather encourages me to run because, well, it's cold if you don't.

2. I like having to wear a coat because that = more pockets! I don't have to figure out where to put my keys, gels, phone, etc...

3. There are less people on the trails. This is both a like and dislike. I love running alone because I can zone out and not worry about running into anyone. However, I also like having other runners because it is kind of motivating. Not that I get real competitive, but it just feels like a cool club that I'm a part of.

4. I don't like it that I have to work AND run in the winter. That means that I'm sitting inside during all the daylight hours and I have to try to run in the dark. Not a fan of that AT ALL 

5. I like that running in the cold makes me feel really tough. 

Finally, here's some encouragement to all the runners dealing with cold right now. I read an advertisement (can't remember where): "A strong spring is earned in the winter".

After all my tough winter running stuff, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill after work yesterday. It was cold! 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


So I don't have any cool pictures to show, but I felt soooooooo good last night!

I started my workout with 10x 1 minute intervals at 5k pace with a 1 minute break in between. Kicked my butt, but it felt really good!

Then I went to Cycle Hip Hop where I haven't been in a while. That also felt awesome! I think my muscles just needed to get shaken out.

Then I did a strength training session and was kind of tired for that, but glad I did it.

In summary, I'm still kind of sore but I feel good now instead of "I want to die". I feel like I could maybe be ready to run 26.2 miles in a couple months!

I'd also like to give a shout out to Naperville Running Company. They are back home in Chicago near where I grew up. They got an awesome spotlight on Runner's World website for working with the city to plow some of the path during the winter. 

I think that it really shows how they support runners in the area! Even though I don't really run around there anymore (especially in the winter) I appreciate their efforts. 

Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Reality Strikes and Marathon Training Wk 2

I greet this morning with sore legs, back, abs, feet, and neck. Yup, I hurt a full 48 hours after a 7 mile run. More on that later.

Marathon Training Week 2

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 3 mile run at Moss Wright Park

Wednesday: 3 mile run at Moss Wright Park

Thursday: 2 mile run at Moss Wright Park

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 7 mile run at the Greenway

Sunday: No moving/stretching

I've been dealing with some plantar fascitis all week so when I'm not running it's painful, however I can still run just fine. My times are still not anywhere near where I want them to be so I'm not sharing that yet :)
I've come to realize that in reality, I haven't run seriously since September. That means that trying to maintain this high-mileage without much of a base is going to = soreness. It's not bad enough to cut back though. I am going to continue to push through and just be nice to my body when I'm not running. On Sunday I did an ice bath, rolled out my muscles, and stretched all day. Today I feel slightly better, but I can't expect miracles when I haven't built the base yet. Next week is a cut-back in mileage so hopefully that will help.
Greenway where I did my 7 mile run. Beautiful!

Wrigley needed to roll out his tummy muscles. He works hard.

If you see someone hobbling around Nashville like an 80 year old, but she's really 23, it's a good chance it's me. Just fyi.

Have a great Monday!