Monday, January 5, 2015

Reality Strikes and Marathon Training Wk 2

I greet this morning with sore legs, back, abs, feet, and neck. Yup, I hurt a full 48 hours after a 7 mile run. More on that later.

Marathon Training Week 2

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 3 mile run at Moss Wright Park

Wednesday: 3 mile run at Moss Wright Park

Thursday: 2 mile run at Moss Wright Park

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 7 mile run at the Greenway

Sunday: No moving/stretching

I've been dealing with some plantar fascitis all week so when I'm not running it's painful, however I can still run just fine. My times are still not anywhere near where I want them to be so I'm not sharing that yet :)
I've come to realize that in reality, I haven't run seriously since September. That means that trying to maintain this high-mileage without much of a base is going to = soreness. It's not bad enough to cut back though. I am going to continue to push through and just be nice to my body when I'm not running. On Sunday I did an ice bath, rolled out my muscles, and stretched all day. Today I feel slightly better, but I can't expect miracles when I haven't built the base yet. Next week is a cut-back in mileage so hopefully that will help.
Greenway where I did my 7 mile run. Beautiful!

Wrigley needed to roll out his tummy muscles. He works hard.

If you see someone hobbling around Nashville like an 80 year old, but she's really 23, it's a good chance it's me. Just fyi.

Have a great Monday!