Monday, January 26, 2015

Marathon Training Wk 5

Well I'm still running over here... (not currently, but you know what I mean)

So here's my week:

Tuesday: 10x1min at 5k pace, Cycle Hip Hop
Wednesday: 4.11 mile run on treadmill and strength session
Thursday: 3 mile run on treadmill, Cycle Hip Hop, strength session
Friday: Strength Session
Saturday: Personal Training
Sunday: 10 mile long run

As you can see, my normal Saturday morning long run didn't happen. I was all ready for it, got everything together, got in my car, went to Dunkin' Donuts for a bagel, got up to the Greenway to run, and realized I didn't have my phone. Note: I had waken up at 5:15 for said run. Second Note: I can't handle more than two miles without music.
So I turned the car around and headed home, very angry. I looked all over the apartment and couldn't find my phone anywhere. At this point, I didn't have time to get a 10 mile run in before personal training, but still couldn't find my phone. So I just took the dog out. Glanced in my car and saw it. My phone was sitting on the driver's seat. I had been sitting on it the whole time! All that to say, I did my long run on Sunday morning instead.
And I got my first double digit run of the year! It pretty much felt good. I'm looking forward to the cutback week this week. Especially because it's my birthday week!

I'm very out of it today. I think it's partly because I woke up early all weekend, but also just lots going on. Hope you are feeling better than I am today!

That picture reminds me of when we first got Wrigley. He ran around like a crazy little thing, then just plopped down and fell asleep. And now I'm happy again because he's adorable :)

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