Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Marathon Training Week 4

Sorry for the lack of updates on my life, I'm sure you've all been just clicking refresh over and over to see if I posted.

Here's my running from this past week:

Tuesday: 2.09 Miles (10 x 1 min at 5k pace)
Wednesday: 2 Miles
Thursday: 3 Miles (only 20 seconds over goal pace!), Cycle Hip Hop
Saturday: 9 Miles, Personal Training

Total mileage for the week: 16.09

Total mileage for the year: 37.09

Let's just say I was incredibly nervous for the 9 mile run. You see, that's a 2 mile jump from the longest I had previously done. However, I totally rocked it. I was worried that I'd be overly sore and my foot would bother me, but none of those things happened. I felt really good during the run and I was really diligent about stretching a lot afterwards. I think it helped! I'm still behind the pace I want to go, but I'm feeling more comfortable in the pace I'm running, so I can probably start pushing it a little bit more.

Now for a very serious, but kind of stupid question. Do any other runners out there judge people by their shoes? I try to always do "the wave" to other runners, but the very next thing I do is check out their shoes. I also do this to anyone who is wearing running shoes in any circumstances. If someone is wearing Ghosts, we are instantly friends in my mind. Just fyi.

Have a great Tuesday!

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