Monday, January 12, 2015

Getting in the Groove and Marathon Training Week 3

This was a "cutback" week for me and boy was it necessary! I know you've been reading this, but I've been dealing with a lot of soreness and plantar fasciitis and just general run-downness. I totally admit to upping my mileage too quickly, but I've been waiting for my body to catch up with me. Good news-I think I'm on the mend!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 mile treadmill run followed by Cycle Hip Hop and strength session

Wednesday: 4 mile treadmill run

Thursday: Skipped my run today to try to give my muscles a break

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5 mile run (at a much more decent pace) followed by personal training.

Sunday: 20 min yoga

I have learned that even though the cold is very unpleasant for my long runs, my average pace went up by :40. I really just wanted to get back in the car and blast the heat, so I ran faster!

I don't think I've ever shared this, but this is my favorite running quote and it keeps me going even when I'm sore and tired and feel like I'm dying.

And here's a picture of my trusty Blue Beauties because I love them and want to give them more press coverage in the blog. 


  1. That is an awesome quote! I have never heard it!

    I am happy you're on the mend! Are you going to ramp back up more slowly, now? Or do you feel like your body is ready to jump back in to higher mileage?

    1. I'm going to jump back into the training plan because I'm obsessive about sticking to the plan. But I'll maybe continue to cut back on one of the short runs just to give me more of a rest between runs until I'm 100%. Thanks for asking!

    2. Don't be obsessive to the point of injury! A plan is just a guideline! It's totally okay to modify, like you are thinking with cutting back on the short runs! :)

  2. Glad that you are feeling better, but be careful as you're starting to run again! I know that sometimes just when I think I am 100% again I workout too hard and then something ends up hurting again. That's an awesome quote!