Monday, July 7, 2014

Back to the Beginning

So I forgot to take a pic of the shirt, medal, and bib from Friday. So y'all will have to wait until tomorrow :)

Because my next half marathon is exactly 12 weeks out, I am starting the training program over. This made sense to me for several reasons.

1. When a training schedule doesn't exactly line up with the date of the race I get really frustrated and confused about how to handle it. So by re-starting the program, I will ensure that when the schedule says "half marathon" I will be running a half marathon. (except for my race is on Saturday and good ole' Hal Hidgon puts the race on Sunday)

2. I had gotten WAY off the schedule anyway. After being home in Chicago for a busy weekend from June 27-29, I missed a crucial long run. Then, the week after being gone I had this 10k which had me psyched out. In summary, I only ran twice last week and only one run was in accordance with the schedule I had committed to. It's hard to get back on track after missing a week and a half of training.

3. I'm tired. This intermediate schedule is hard for me. I'm mentally and physically drained and I need a break. However, I don't want to lose everything I've worked for. So if I start the program over, I will be back down to a first week mileage of around 17 miles with a long run of 5 miles. This sounds so refreshing!

So it's back to the beginning for me. Timing, schedule, and rest have made it necessary to call it quits on this round and start a new one. I'm excited for a fresh start!

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