Sunday, July 6, 2014

Music City 10k = CONQUERED!

On Friday, I completed the Music City 10k in 1:16:12. That is better than the 1:20 I was anticipating, but I wasn't focusing on time too much.

As my first 10k, I was nervous about pacing and rightly so. My first 5k was 37:00 which is just about right, but I didn't factor in the hilliness of the course. Miles 1-2 and 3-4 were fairly flat and quick, but the rest of it was almost all up hill. I ended up having to walk a bit in the hilly portion, but still very happy with my time.

What Do You Run For? Event Management hosted this event and they decided to test out "water bags" instead of cups at the water stops. You can learn more about them here:

The reason I mention them is because I have a strong opinion on them. While they are an amazing idea and concept, I really did not like how they worked. For those of you who didn't look at the link, essentially they are little plastic bags filled with filtered water. You are instructed to bite, squeeze, and drink. However, I couldn't bite through it without a major struggle. I don't know if I just have weak teeth or what, but I got dehydrated during the race because I couldn't bite through the water bags.

On the more positive side, I will take a picture of the medal, shirt, and bib and post it tomorrow so you have something to look forward to :) Now to watch some Djokovic v. Federer at Wimbledon...

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