Friday, August 22, 2014


I fooled everyone into thinking I had given up on blogging! Y'all haven't scared me away yet :)

In reality, I've been way too busy actually running to talk to the internet about running. For a week or so I was getting really down about my training. I felt like I hadn't gone far enough or fast enough and that I wasn't comfortable enough with the mileage I was at. So, in a panic, I overcompensated. I've made some major changes to my training and I think they are mostly for the better. There are still some things I need to work on, but I am well on my way to 13.1 next month and 26.2 next year!

I am still doing the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half Marathon program, but I am allowing myself a little more leeway. I have come to learn that if I get in the long runs as scheduled on the weekends, that the shorter runs aren't as critical. I am still doing them, but if I feel overly tired or sore I am doing less mileage than the plan calls for. However, I am also filling in with more cross-training. Leading me to my next change:

My husband and I recently joined Gold's Gym. This is a HUGE upgrade from my little workout center at work. I have been trying to attend hot yoga classes and would love to start spin classes again. We also have signed up for personal training sessions which will be very beneficial. We are training with a man who does triathlons and has lots of experience with running. He's working with me on my shoulders and back to try to create more power from my arm swing so my feet just have to be speedy! Along with the personal training, we have been doing half an hour of cardio after our sessions (I'm not counting running as cardio). So cross-training is in full swing!

I am running a 10k tomorrow morning (heat index of 81 with 85% humidity). It's going to be a sticky one! Then I'll be headed to the gym to run 3 more miles on a treadmill to complete the 9 mile run for this weekend. Not conventional, but I've read from experts that it is actually good to split some long runs. This teaches your body to be able to run on tired legs instead of just maintaining a run.

My half marathon is in four weeks! I'm starting to get a little excited, but I'm still very nervous. I feel like this is a race with less pressure because I'm more focused on starting marathon training in December. So hopefully that will translate to a calmer run as opposed to a lazy run :)

246 Days until 26.2!

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