Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Double Digits and Blue Beauties

Yesterday was one of the hardest runs I have ever attempted. HOWEVER, I went 10 miles! I'm officially in double digits and that is exciting. It was extremely hot and I was the genius that decided to try a new, non-shaded route. The sun sapped any energy I had. My wonderful husband (who gained lots of husband points for this) brought me fuel about an hour into my run. I'm trying to give up my dislike of Gatorade by forcing myself to use it. It is offered at every race and I really do need something more than water on long runs. So it did help, but I probably needed another fuel stop a little ways in because I was miserable for the last three miles. Again, I finished the 10 miles and that is a big mental win for me. It is hard to convince myself that I can run that far, so proving to myself makes it easier.

Now I start a section of training that I have never done before. The plans I have followed in the past have 10 miles as the longest run. The Intermediate plan that I am following has me working up to 12 miles. So still a little ways to go :)

My run was made a little easier by my awesome new running companions:

Everyone, say hello to the Brooks Ghost 6! I got fitted for new shoes at a running shop south of Nashville and they were awesome. The girl I worked with got me fitted both for shoes and insoles because apparently I have really flexible arches (I didn't show her my cool party trick where I can bend my foot in half). I really noticed a difference on this run. While it wasn't a great run, my feet felt great and my joints bounced back really quick.

That's all for today folks!


  1. You're doing it! So you don't like ANY Gatorade flavor? I prefer powerade fruit punch, but it if has to be gatorade, I go for orange. It does, however, make a huge difference when you're working hard in the heat.

    1. I haven't liked any Gatorade I've tried. It's just way too sweet. When I'm working out I really just want water and salt. We got the powder mix for blue frost (or something like that) and it's at least tolerable. What I really need is for someone to give me salty popcorn at the fuel stations. That's all I ever really want during a run :)