Monday, September 8, 2014

9 miles!

I figured out why I had been feeling sluggish and unmotivated and defeated while running lately! The solution is so simple and easy that I'm super excited for training now. I have found the magic that every runner should know! This will make me famous! Here's my secret:

Heat is really hard to run in.
Ok, so maybe not an epiphany, but it was a breakthrough! I had been slowing up and getting much more tired than I should have up until yesterday's long run. Yesterday was overcast and cool, even though the humidity was still there. I ran 9 miles in 1:47. I looked back at my last 9 mile run (which was June 22). That was in 1:55. So vast improvement! Also, none of my splits yesterday were over 12:00. I was speedy! Also-I could have kept going which is a great feeling :) Looking forward to running in fall! (Hopefully not falling in running).

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