Friday, September 19, 2014

Down Time


I kind of overdid it this last weekend. As you all read, I had a wonderful 11 mile run! (I'm still kind of celebrating that). However, I also was on my feet ALL day on Saturday after the run. I did take a good rest day on Sunday (watching football is the best recovery). Then Monday and Tuesday I did lots of strength training and treadmill running.
Then I woke up on Wednesday morning
And my left hamstring refused to work like it was supposed to. Now it doesn't take much for me to "need" to take time off of running. I tend to look for easy excuses. I've decided that this one wasn't just an excuse. So I didn't do my speed workout on Wednesday or my 3 miler on Thursday. It does feel better today so I will attempt my 12 miler tomorrow, but I don't want to sacrifice the half marathon in a week. I will be taking it easy!

An illustration of my injury:

If anyone who actually runs reads this blog (;P) do you foam roll? If so, which foam roller do you use? I've been looking around but they all seem rather expensive and I really don't get sore that often. Would it still be worth it?

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