Monday, June 1, 2015


Sorry for the lack of blog posts! I'm sure y'all have been going crazy not knowing every little thing that happens in my life!

So here's a quick summary of my last two weeks:

Week 1: RICE (Rest, ice, compression, elevation) for my stupid ankle part 2
Week 2: Trying to kinda do stuff and doing a 5k.

This sprained ankle is nowhere near as bad as the first time (thank goodness!) and I am not wearing a brace or really a wrap anymore. The plan is to get back to normal this week and get a few miles in. I'd still love to run the half marathon I'm signed up for in a month and a half.

Brad and I were already signed up to run the Titans 5k this past Saturday, so of course we still did! This race rocked last year and this year did not disappoint.

I love that the race starts and finishes at LP Field and the runners can sit in the stands. It's a really fun experience for those of us who love running and football!

At the start line, you run  through a tunnel of Titans players and get to give them high-fives as you start! (Of course it'd be better if it were the Denver Broncos, but the Titans will do for now).

The finish line is probably the best part. You run out onto the field and loop around to finish through the same tunnel that the players come out of on game day! The Titans cheerleaders were there to greet us.

And the second best part of the race: Papa John's Pizza at the finish line. Worth every step.

I'll be honest, I think I maybe ran .25 miles of this 3.1 mile run. We took it way easy and walked it. This was beneficial to my ankle, my brain, and my husband :) It was a great day and a great race. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who lives in Nashville!

I'll be posting all the pictures from this event, as well as a video of the finish line to my FB page later today.
Thanks for reading!

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