Monday, February 9, 2015

Marathon Training Wk 7

It has been an awesome week of training and I'm excited to tell you about it!

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 2.68 miles (12x1minute at 5k pace), strength session, Cycle Hip Hop
Wednesday: 4.5 miles and strength session
Thursday: 3 miles, strength session, Cycle Hip Hop
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 12 miles
Sunday: Rest

And because this week went so well, I decided I would show you pictures of each of the parts of my training.

This is an example of what my trainer puts together for my strength training. This was Tuesdays drill.

A picture of the Spin bike while waiting for Cycle Hip Hop. I didn't take a picture of the actual class, because I look ridiculous :) 

During my long 12 mile run on Saturday. It was 60 degrees and sunny! Made me realize how not used to running in the sun I am.

This was before my face turned into a tomato. Yes, I got sunburned in February. I should never be trusted in the sun.

This was a really interesting article that I found while browsing this week.

A Few Rules to Run By

It's been a rough training cycle for me, but I'm encouraged that I feel better and am able to run 12 miles! (we still won't talk about time). Next weekend in the Hot Chocolate 15k and I'm excited for my first race of the year :)

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