Monday, November 24, 2014

Cars, Weights, and Ouch!

This was my "long run" this week:

It was a fairly smooth run! Weather was perfect and I took the day off work to get other things done, so I did my run in the middle of the day on Friday. I'm still not going to worry about pace for a while, because I'm still getting back into it. But I was very excited I still had 4 miles in my legs!

Until Saturday morning and I realized that I was extremely sore. So in summary, I could run 4 miles mentally, easy. But running 4 miles physically was a different story. Ouch! (Still a little sore).

We went to the Nashville International Auto Show this weekend. Here's my hubby in some fancy car (I can't remember what it was)
Even though I don't really "get" cars, it was fun to see all the different ones. However, I still don't understand the super expensive ones. Oh well, Brad liked it:)

Saturday morning (I'm not going in order at all) we had a personal training session. Our trainer set up a new schedule for us which I am going to try out today. It focuses on hip stability and glute strength because that is what I feel I am lacking. My legs might be even more sore tomorrow!

If you could get any car absolutely free, which car would you want?

What is the one Thanksgiving food that you couldn't live without?


  1. I wish I could get the pic to load so I could see which car it was! My husband and I like cars and I wondered if I would recognize it. Gosh, any car? If I was going for fun, the Ferrari F430. :)

    1. I think it was a Scion Fr-S maybe? Probably not fancy to most people, but we buy cheap cars :)