Thursday, November 20, 2014

Winter in TN

Here are my philosophical tidbits for today:

I have several observations about winter in TN versus IL (I moved here in the summer of 2013 from Chicago).

If there is any amount of snow in TN, it's a blizzard. School will close if there is a threat of snow (any amount). Everyone will stay inside, cancel appointments, and storm grocery stores just in case they can't get out for the next week. However, as much as they over-react to snow...

They absolutely love snow! Everyone hopes that it'll snow so they can go sledding and play in the snow and bake cookies and open their mouths and catch snowflakes on their tongues! (I'm being dramatic). While people who have grown up in the North realize that this isn't the case. Snow=ice=falling all over the place. When snow has been piled up all winter, it gets dirt all over it and then it just looks like toxic sludge. Next on the list...

Southerners cannot, I repeat CANNOT, drive in the winter. I purposely didn't say snow, because it really is any time it is considered winter and there is anything on the road or coming from the sky. That's not to say that there aren't extenuating circumstances. There are less salt/sand trucks here (if any) to help clear the roads. People have much less experience in these driving conditions. It is not worth it to winterize your vehicle, so no one does. I guess that's fair. Best part of winter in the South...

This is what my city looks like the vast majority of the year. And I think it's gorgeous :)

PS: This is how I feel about winter 


  1. I live near Chicago and work with a lot of people in DC, which isn't really the south, but they seem to have the same type of "shut down" when it snows just a little. It's humorous to me, since I grew up with a lot of snow in IA, but, like you said, they aren't always equipped to deal with it! :)

    1. It's really fun to see how different people react!