Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Marathon Beware

I did it! I ran post-dead ankle! Even in 30 degree weather! Ok I'm done with exclamation points (I think)
I got everything I'd need set out in the morning so that when I'd come home from work, I wouldn't have any excuses or anything lost. Plus planning ahead makes me look like I tried to match my outfit (it still looked ridiculous)

Here are the results. It felt pretty darn good! My ankle gave me a little trouble at the beginning, but I slowed up and ran through it. By the first half mile all my little pains were gone and I was running! I purposely did not go fast at all because I want to ease my muscles back into it, especially in the cold. It'll take a good long while before I take running for granted again :) 

Reunited with my Blue Beauties and it felt so good just to put them on! (Disclaimer: this picture was taken a long time after my run. I do not look anywhere near that good after a run)

I forgot to document most of my food choices. Oops. But they weren't real healthy anyway. I had more of the office Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch (including an amazing fruit compote). For dinner I only had time for a cup of tea and a Larabar. Gotta love the wonderful backdrop of bowling alley tables!
I'm going to continue to ease myself back into everything I was doing. Tonight I'm just going to do strength training and some cross training. That marathon in April had better beware: I'm back and more motivated than ever!

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