Monday, November 17, 2014

Good News!

I'm no longer quite as gimpy!


Ok, but that's how I look walking everyday.

So by this past Saturday, I was feeling really good about my ankle, but was still too scared to push it. So when we went in for our training session on Saturday, I decided to do whatever the trainer asked and if it started hurting I would stop. AND IT DIDN'T HURT! (until the next day).

But now we're back to not hurting, so I'm deciding that it's better. I'm going to venture out on first post-dead ankle run and first real cold weather run. It's going to be very cold here all week and with the time change, I don't really get sunlight for runs. So it's gonna be coooollld. But I'm so excited to run that at least the first run will be good.
Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts for healing, they are working! I'm still not going to push, but I'm excited to be back to mobile.

How do you deal with cold weather running/exercise?
-I'm trying to promise myself a nice warm cup of tea afterward!

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