Monday, November 3, 2014

New York City Marathon and Motivation

This was my Sunday morning:

Please disregard the mess. I'm injured and that's my excuse.

I lived vicariously through all the runners yesterday in the New York City Marathon. It is always very inspiring watching the elite runners and realizing that they worked to where they are. I have no delusions that I will ever be where they are, but I know I can improve. Watching all of those runners combat wind and cold for 26.2 miles reminded me how the most important muscle for running is your brain. So my New York City Marathon Epiphany was this: I can't run at all a marathon right now, but I will work for it, and when the time comes I will be able to run a marathon.

A couple of really cool things:

This came on during the televised portion of the marathon. I just thought it was really cool! The mechanics of an elite runner are nuts! Plus Meb is just awesome.

Second really cool thing:
I tried these new socks that I heard about called Bombas. Obviously I have not run in them, so that review will have to come later, but for simple wear, they are fantastic.


I am wearing them in the picture above. They are super soft and very comfortable. They fit like a running sock would, tighter around the arch. They use a "honeycomb" pattern in this fitted portion that is very unique and cute, but also very functional. They come in many cute colors as well. The best part is that for ever pair purchased, they donate a specially designed pair to someone in need. They are specially designed for the needs of these people.
I'm not sure how they will do when running because they are not the typical moisture-wicking material, but made of "Pima cotton". The creators do say that this type of cotton provides better temperature control and moisture wicking than typical cotton, but that has yet to be determined by me. I'm excited to test these in several different settings because if they deliver all that they promise, I will be one happy camper :)

Have a great Monday!

Has anyone ever tried Bombas for running? Any other unique sock brands that you swear by?

Who else watched the New York City Marathon? Favorite moment?
-When Kara Goucher finished and we got to see the raw emotion that every runner experiences.

Who wants to trade left ankles for several weeks so I can go running?

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