Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Week and Marathon Training Wk 1

Sorry I've been MIA, I've had a very great week with family while in Chicago!

Saturday 12/20: We braved the long drive from Nashville to the Chicago area. 8.5 hours later, we were pooped out.

Sunday 12/21: We went to our home church and it was fun to see all of our old friends! We met, got engaged, and got married at this church so it's fun to come home to.

Monday 12/22: We went downtown Chicago (our family actually lives about 45 miles outside the city). We did all the Chicago Christmas things like the German market and we went to see the Macy's (still Marshall Fields in my book) windows and the tree. Of course that included a trip to the Italian Village for lunch.
Got some extra running in by re-creating the marathon poster

We also re-created this ad for fun

Tuesday: 12/23: My first day of marathon training! Woot! I ran the Fox River Trail for 3 miles. I'm not going to talk about times yet because mine still kind of suck.

Wednesday 12/24: Second day of marathon training. Same trail, different direction for 3 very tough miles. Let's just say I haven't run very regularly since September. Woops. But we got together with my side of the family for church and Christmas Eve fondue (we do that every year). We also did a gift exchange which got me some super cool wall sconces! (crap, if I'm excited about that it must mean I'm an adult) 

Thursday 12/25: Christmas! But first my third day of marathon training. I was completely drained so I just did 2 miles. But I was very proud of myself for doing it! Then we started Christmas. I'm always so excited to see if people like what I got them and I think this year was a winner! I got some pretty cool stuff too because my family is the best. I think my husband got the best gift from me though (I'm biased): Lego slippers!

Friday 12/26: We got together with the Bork side of the family for brunch. We had a fun time catching up with everyone we don't get to see very often! We also got to go test out the husband's new bowling ball. I think he likes it :)

Saturday 12/27: We braved the long drive back to Nashville with my brother and dad in tow. We learned an important key to travel though. When you don't have cruise control on your car, follow your dad who does!

Sunday 12/28: All four of us went to the Colts/Titans game (it was my dad and brother's Christmas gift). We had a really fun time even though it was cold and rainy. It  was my bro's first NFL game! It was also my first long run for marathon training. I ran 6 miles and felt fairly great about it! It was encouraging to see that even though my running fitness has gone away a little, my mental energy is still there!

That about sums it up! We were busy, but very happy. Now it's time to get back into the routine and delve further into marathon training. 

PS-someone should really count how many times I say "marathon training" in the next few months. It's going to be pretty high.

Hope y'all had a great Christmas week!

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