Thursday, December 4, 2014

Running on the Cheap

So not all of us are professional runners or have sponsor-ships or get any money from running. In fact, most of us have to pay to run and it can really drain a wallet. My husband and I try to keep everything as cheap as possible so I try to do the same with my running. Here are several of my ideas for saving money while running all you want!

1. Sign up for races the day registration opens (or other deals). Races are expensive, especially when you get into halves and fulls. I usually try to sign up as soon as registration opens because that's usually when it's cheapest. I also Google race discounts and other promo codes. Every once in a while, they will have promotions and I try to get in on those as well. You can also run for charity, which will sometimes cover your race entry fees. It usually involves raising money for the sponsored charity.
2. Two words: Walmart and Target. They have workout tees, long sleeve workout tees, light hoodies, and even jackets similar to North Face for waaaaay less. I will give you this caveat, they do wear out a lot faster than the more pricey stuff. I have had to stitch up several holes and such, but money wise I think I still come out on top.
3. Rewards programs. I usually try to not skimp on shoes. So I tend to pay full price and try to make them last longer (not always a good strategy). However, I try to buy from places that have good rewards programs. Fleet Feet around here has a great program where if you spend a certain amount, you get a credit on your account. I also shop at Dick's Sporting Goods because their ScoreCard program is very good as well.
4. Ebay. I have just started utilizing this tool for running. If there is something from a more expensive brand that I really need want, I go to Ebay and see if I can find an older model or slightly used one for cheaper.
5. I'd also like to shout out the group on Facebook that I have found that has been a lifesaver. "Fitness Clothes and Equipment, Buy, Sell, Swap" is wonderful! It's a bunch of really nice people and most are very easy to work with. Obviously, you take the risk into your own hands with this one that you may not be getting what you see. But I've never had an issue!
5. Joint gym membership. My husband and I both go to Gold's Gym. With their Platinum plan, we pay for one membership and then we can have a "permanent guest" on our membership. So essentially we get two for the price of one. We are able to do the same for personal training. These two things still are not "cheap" but we get a better price than we would separately.

Whoever said running is a cheap sport has never actually gotten into running. It could suck you dry if you don't watch it. I hope this will help someone!

How do you save money on running gear/races?

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