Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I didn't share this yet, but here's my run from Sunday:

Yes it's very slow. Here are my excuses (I always have some):

1. It was crazy windy!
2. I had had a very busy weekend and I was ready to sleep all day
3. I hadn't actually run since Tuesday

Yeah, I know, not good excuses. But I'm proud that I got in 4 miles, no matter how long it took. I also went to the gym right afterward and did my strength training. I was very proud that I did both things I was supposed to. I even got in three strength training sessions during a holiday week.

That being said, yesterday and even today a little, I am very sore. It reminds me how I'm not where I was two months ago. I need to work up to that before I get to do these things without soreness. I'm going to stick with my 2 mile runs during the week and a 4 miler on the weekend until that feels good or until marathon training starts. Also, I'm making my return to Hip Hop Cycle tonight so we'll see how that goes. Going to try to also get in a 2 mile run and a strength training session as well.

This article from Runner's World reminded me how running brings out the best in people:

Sportsmanship at 2014 NCAA Cross Country Championships

Sportsmanship Captured at NCAA Cross Country Championships

We have all felt the pains of the run, but because we have all felt it we can support each other to get past it!

What is the first thing you do for sore muscles?

What is your favorite Christmas song?

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  1. Nice double on Sunday!!! That sounds like a good plan to get back at it!

    Sore muscles - first thing I do is an epsom salt bath!

    I love holiday music SO much. All the classics, especially "White Christmas," but also new stuff like Pentatonix (LOVE "Little Drummer Boy") and the Kelly Clarkson one from last year "Under the Tree."