Friday, December 5, 2014

My 2015 Race Schedule (so far)

Yesterday's workout summary:

  • Ran 2 miles (very slow, but felt good)
  • An hour of Hip Hop Cycle
  • Kind of did strength training while wandering the gym

Anyway, I'm getting really excited for my 2015 Race Schedule so I thought I'd share it with you before 2015 even happens! I'll just preface by saying I'm a planner and like things to be all planned out so that's why I have this all planned already. Also-I like the cheap race entries when you enter early.


          Not currently signed up for any races, but considering running the Fleet Feet Resolution Run on the 3rd. 

          Hot Chocolate 15k on the 14th (Happy Valentines Day!). I ran the 5k last year and loved it. So I'm upping the stakes and running the 15k this year. Bonus- my husband will be running the 5k!
           Also will be starting a Speed Sessions Training through Fleet Feet this month once a week. Hopefully getting a bit quicker :)


          Rock N Roll USA on the 14th. I love Washington DC and am so excited to run there! (well, we're driving there, but running once I get there)


          The big one. COUNTRY MUSIC MARATHON on the 25th. So excited to conquer all 26.2 miles of it!


           Not sure yet. I want to take a break after the marathon, but not sure how long will work for me. Last year I ran the Home Run 4 Miler with the Nashville Sounds and hopefully they do that again this year!


           Still going to be playing it by ear. But I'd love to run the Franklin Half on the 6th. We'll see.


            Music City Fourth of July 10k. Ran this race last year and loved it, so I have to do it again!
            Rock N Roll Chicago Half Marathon on the 19th. I've considered doing this race for a long time (since I'm from Chicago), but I think I'm finally going to take the plunge.


             I might run the "It's Just a 10K" again here in Nashville on the 22nd.


               It hasn't been announced yet, but I'd love to run the Women's Running Half Marathon again!

              Rock N Roll St. Louis Half Marathon. It's fairly close and seems fun. I don't really need any other reasons.


             Rock N Roll Savannah Half Marathon. Again, close and fun. Still not sure on this one though.


            Nothing planned. Who knows, I may be starting another marathon training cycle ;P

Do you plan your races way in advance, or am I just weird?

Anyone else running any of these?

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