Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Monday and Tuesday Workouts

Since I didn't post about my workouts, I thought I'd catch everyone up. Because I know y'all are going crazy trying to figure out how I burned calories the last few days :)

Here was run on Monday:

Nothing too exciting to see here. I seem to be holding steady on a pace that is well below what I want. I'm not going to worry about it yet. Last training cycle I gained quite a bit of speed throughout, and since I'm specifically doing some speed training, I'm hopeful that will happen again.

Tuesday I went to the gym for the evening. I did my day 1 strength session workout (which turned out to be legs, not arms). Then went to an hour Hip Hop Cycle class where she switched up the routine a bit, just enough to kill me. It was wonderful!

The meal planning stuff is working pretty well so far! My minestrone soup is fantastic! I love veggies and I don't think I've loved them as much as I love them in that soup. Last night's dinner was supposed to be Parmesan Basil Salmon, but because I went to watch my husband bowl after Cycle, it ended up being 4 chicken nuggets. (I know, I'm the picture of health). Tonight's dinner is a new recipe, Cola Chicken that I am really pumped to try. It looks really simple so I'm excited. I'm also going to be working on next week's meals today, so suggestions would be appreciated!

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